Sada Abe (阿部 定 Abe Sada?, May 28, 1905 – after 1970) is remembered in Japan for erotically asphyxiating her lover, Kichizo Ishida (石田 吉蔵 Ishida Kichizō?), on May 18, 1936, and then cutting off his penis and testicles and carrying them around with her in her handbag. The story became a national sensation in Japan, acquiring mythic overtones, and has since been interpreted by artists, philosophers, novelists and filmmakers

In the Realm of the Senses (Japanese: 愛のコリーダ Ai no Korīda?, literally Bullfight (Spanish: Corrida) of Love;[1] French: L’Empire des sens) is a 1976 Franco-Japanese romantic drama film directed by Nagisa Oshima. It is a fictionalised and sexually explicit treatment of an incident from 1930s Japan, that of Sada Abe.[2] It generated great controversy during its release;[2] while intended for mainstream wide release, it contains scenes of unsimulated sexual activity between the actors (Tatsuya Fuji and Eiko Matsuda, among others).

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