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Just to update Finding Butterfly regulars to our Japan Jaunt

Opera Machine Overview

Shikano, Tottori. Sept 15th 2013

The thing that first surprised all of us was that the Bird Theatre, Tottori wasn’t in Tottori City, as we’d imagined, even though it appears as part of its address.  Even from the University campus on the edge of town, where I stayed for the first three days, Shikano, the actual location of the theatre, is thirty minutes drive away, whether past Lake Koyama and along the coast road or up over the ‘mountains’, depending on which route Megumi Shiozaki, native of Shikano, fabulous mezzo and our ‘Nurse Suzuki’ wished to chauffeur me in her dad’s car.

Shikano lies on a river plain, a small country town – really just a large village –  surrounded by rice paddies, the approaches dotted with little clusters of plastic greenhouses and single dwellings, framed by pine clad mountains. Ignoring the major crop, it could easily have been somewhere…

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Megumi Shiozaki is keeping a blog of her time in London. Although she studied here before with the Jette Parker Young Artist Programme, she is now resident in London for another six weeks, rehearsing Finding Butterfly and getting to know the city a little better. She’s in East London this time, just north of Victoria Park with Broadway Market and Colombia Street Flower Market only a stone’s throw away. Dear Megumi, we look forward to your impressions of the city. And your experiences rehearsing and performing in the show!

この度、”Finding Butterfly”で、Suzuki役とOld Suzuki役を演じさせて頂きます。